Bark blower hire throughout North Queensland

Hire our FINN bark blower for your mulching work

Bark blowers allow you to distribute mulch in an efficient and easy way, cutting down on both time and labour. Using our FINN bark blower for your project will bypass the need for a messy installation process that will negatively impact the aesthetics of your land. Bark blowing will protect vegetation, making it a must-have for your land works.

You can blow through work with our equipment

Hiring a bark blower for your project will simplify the process of installing bark and mulch throughout your yard, garden, or commercial space. With a diverse range of applications in both residential and commercial spaces, some of the main purposes you can use our bulk mulch blower for are listed below.

Water retention

Mulch and bark installed using a bark blower will keep the soil beneath it moist and prime for growing. The bark will limit evaporation and minimise the need for manual irrigation, especially during hot conditions.

Plant health

The nutrients found in mulch and bark will nourish vegetation in the applied area, meaning that hiring our bark blower is a guaranteed way to ensure healthy growth for your vegetation.

Plant protection

A bark blower will also ensure longevity for your plants, protecting them from the various weather changes seen throughout the year. Mulch and bark around the base of your plants will help insulate the plant system and keep vegetation protected.

 Our bark blower will blast through your mulch installation work and help your vegetation thrive!

Our other available equipment and services

Alongside our FINN bark blower, we also offer a range of other equipment and services capable of completing on-site excavation project work for hire. All of our equipment is kept up to date and fully serviced, so you don’t have to worry about on site breakdowns.

See our other plant hire options.

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We service projects throughout Townsville, Charters Towers, Mount Isa, Mackay, Cairns, or surrounding areas. Professional Excavations provides bark blowing services, trenching services, and general excavation equipment all across Northern Queensland.

We provide our bark blower hire to those who want to complete mulch installation without hassle. You can also fill out our inquiry form to let us know the details of your project or give our friendly team a call today on (07) 4243 4150.

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