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At Professional Excavation, we provide top-quality trenching services for both commercial and residential clients. We have the experience and the equipment to handle any size or variation of trenching project, no matter how complex it may be.

We understand that every trenching job is different, which is why we take a personalized approach to each and every one of our projects. We'll work with you to develop a trenching plan that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Our typical trenching service process includes:


Identifying the area

Our trenching contractors will identify the area where the trench will be dug. This is typically done using our years of expert knowledge to choose the best location for installation. We work collaboratively to determine the best location for whatever the trench is used for.


Marking the area

Once the location of the trench has been determined, the next step is to mark out the area. This is typically done with stakes and string or other markers.


Trench excavation begins

Now comes the part you chose trenching hire for. Once the area has been marked out, the next step is to begin excavating the trench. This is typically done with our outstanding excavating equipment.

Vermeer RTX550 trencher

Trenching hire designed for your installations

After the trenching process is complete, you can use these trenches for whatever purpose you require. Our trenching contractors will have made sure that the trenches dug suit any purpose you outline prior to digging. This process ensures that the space dug is executed by a professional team who has completed trenching services many times before, guaranteeing precise, professional results.

Ditch the hard labour – trust our trenching services to dig up expert results!

Our other excavation services

Alongside our trenching services, we also offer a range of general expert excavation services. If you’re looking for comprehensive services that include everything you need for your earthworks project, we’ve got you covered.

Yuchai excavator

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We provide our services throughout Townsville, Charters Towers, Mount Isa, Mackay, Cairns, or surrounding areas. Professional Excavations will provide trenching services for your residential or commercial project in Northern Queensland.

Give our team of trenching contractors a call today on (07) 4243 4150, or fill out our inquiry form to let us know the details of your project. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with further information.

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