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Professional Excavations offer a range of plant hire options, from bark blowers for hire to bobcat hire and excavators for hire, that can complete any excavation or trenching project you're working on from Townsville, Charters Towers, Mount Isa, Mackay, Cairns and surrounding suburbs. Our excavation plant hire and our wet hire operators have been involved in a wide range of projects ranging from civil construction to local builders and even farming companies. If you are looking to hire a machine from us, feel free to contact us either by call or online enquiry form for a free quote.


Our services include:

  • Trenching
  • House foundations building
  • Digging footings
  • Bark Blowing
  • Site preparation, levelling and filling
  • Land clearing
  • Sandfills
  • Drainage
  • Sediment Control
  • Pool digging
  • Small demolition
  • Material handling
  • Quarry material (pick-up and delivery)


Sole Biosock Distributor in Townsville

We are proud to be the sole supplier of Biosock in Townsville. Biosock is a temporary control device that is used to prevent sediment, loose soil or silt from entering nearby drains, rivers etc. Biosock protects waterways and aids in the control of erosion to prevent environmental damage and is superior to all other silt barriers and/or fences. It is a UV stabilised product that allows the water to slowly filter through the sock. Biosock can be filled with various products depending on your catchment needs, however, is most often filled with mulch. Biosock is a cost-effective method of silt control that can be reused and relocated and is made up by us to your specifications and delivered to site already made or we can make it on your site if required. Due to the Council having strict environmental guidelines we regularly provide Biosock to builders to stop run off on building sites and ultimately prevent Council fines.

professional excavations plant hire and services Biosock and coloured chip soil
professional excavations PRODUCTS AND SERVICES coloured chip

We provide various landscaping materials including garden soil, sandy loam, mill mud, sand and cracker dust.


We also provide a coloured pine chip that is dyed with a non-toxic all-natural product that is long lasting, and environmentally friendly. Coloured chip is a perfect, simple and cost-effective solution to turn your garden or landscape into a showpiece or to match your landscaping to your Club or business colours. We are able to provide black, red, blue and brown pine chip, however if you need a different colour we are happy to try to facilitate this as well.



Mulch, Coloured Chip and Soil supply in Townsville

We provide a variety of mulch and chip barks to suit your individual needs including shredded pine, forest fines, organic mulches and chip bark in 40mm and 20mm.

professional excavations PRODUCTS AND SERVICES soil


Doing it in the dirt from dawn to dusk.

professional excavations plant hire and services organic mulches and garden soil

Experienced Landscaping Knowledge

Here at Professional Excavations, our operators are highly regarded for their operating expertise, honesty, reliability and industry knowledge. All our operators are final trim operators who have between 9-26 years’ experience working throughout Townsville, Mount Isa and Mackay, and all of them have their blue cards, operators’ tickets, first aid and CPR certification and Certificate III in Civil Construction and Plant Operations. 

Contact the team at Professional Excavations for a quote on our excavation machinery.

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No matter the landscaping project or plant hire option required, here at Professional Excavations we can complete any landscaping, trenching or general excavation project you require, whether it be in Townsville, Charters Towers, Mount Isa, Mackay, Cairns, or surrounding suburbs. If you would like a free excavation machine quote, contact the team at Professional Excavations.


Doing it in the dirt from dawn to dusk

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